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Who is Sarah Mason?

Watch your diction!*

*Declared when youth use inappropriate language and writers desire a powerful impact.



Growth is lifelong. Mason values learning as it helps her develop as a human and sometimes because she has an excess of curiousity.


From attending marketing webinars to analyzing Muppets characterization, Mason thrives on putting her brain to work.

Even Mason's reading list makes her hard to pin down. Her Goodreads is a hodgepodge of diverse books inconsistently rated.


Stories shape who we are. With stories, our characters are molded. Each of us has a story to tell.

Sarah has 8,342*. Her personal stories are told to captive (perhaps unwilling) audiences. Her tales wind and meander down unexpected alleys.


*estimate based on no scientific calculations


Mason discovered a love of writing in the 6th grade when she wrote the classic poem, "Please! No Homework Today!"

She writes blog posts, extensive text messages, and half-baked chapters to novels.

Sometimes she just finds words delicious and relishes them as she does here in a blog post.


Mason may be a nomad, moving often from one address to another. Yet she is rooted in her family and in her connection as daughter and sister. And she is honors the rich sisterhood she shares with all women.

Her most treasured sister, though, is the one she was raised with and who still guides her path in life. 

Read her story of sisterhood.

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