Write for your audience.

A well-designed product is worthless if the words confuse the user. 

How so? Verbose writing, convoluted syntax, and esoteric diction prohibit audiences from comprehending your message.


Got it? Maybe not. I should simply say: Wordy writing, complicated sentences, and specialized language stop readers from understanding your message.

Let's write to be understood.

Let's write to create action.

Let's build a better user experience.

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Hello! I'm Sarah Mason

I am a writer and content designer. From teaching high school English to crafting marketing for a SaaS start-up, I've been harnessing the power of words to deliver clear and convincing messages that make sense to target audiences.

You need content that improves your user experience. You need clear, engaging messaging that guides users to use your product. That's what I'm here for.

I am a writer who values the beauty of design and removing obstacles to understanding.


Writing Skills


Build a bridge between the user and the product. Let's remove the technical jargon and speak clearly. Improve your user experience with UX writing.


Let's create beauty by uniting writing with design.  Achieve your business goals. We'll create strategic content that joins behavioral science with aesthetic design. 


Inform, educate, or entertain your target audience with creative and effective content. Connect your readers with your brand through storytelling and personality. 



Appling, GA


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